What Makes a Great Contractor?

As the building and construction industry continues to grow, so many contractors are finding their ways into the trade. However, the majority of them are half baked contractors with very little to offer. Below, we discuss some of the key traits of a great contractor that you should look out for when hiring. 

List of References

Sometimes, proof of license is not enough to show that a contractor can successfully handle your project.  A good contractor should provide you with a list of references or the clients that they have served in the past. That will give you a better idea of their expertise, reliability and other things that are often overlooked. To be sure that you are hiring the right contractor, contact the references that they give you before signing any contract. 


The way in which the contractor presents themselves and handles projects is critical to the success of your plan. Great contractors emphasize well trained staff with experience on the job. Besides, they also have adequate staff including sub-contractors that make sure projects are done to standard within the given timeline. A good contractor should at least give you an overview of how they handle operations including conflict resolutions and contingency plans. 

Great contractors have the right people and provisions for ensuring better project management. 

Competitive Pricing 

One way to gauge the skills of contractors is by looking at their rates. Contractors that offer very cheap quotes are likely to do a low quality work. On the other hand, contractors with extremely high rates may not guarantee the best quality. Great contractors do not come cheap but, have reasonable rates that appear somewhere in between. Requesting and comparing quotes from different contractors will enable you to find a fair price range for your budget. 

Great contractors do not attain the title in a single project but, through a series of successes. They focus on developing continuous and long term working relationships for the mutual benefit of their companies and clients.