Tips on How to Speed Up a Construction Project

Planning a construction project and executing it is basically a balancing act. Art Terrazas, of GT Roofing & Construction explains to us that your goal is to get the best results within the shortest time possible. But, reduction of the time taken to complete a construction project can compromise quality. What’s more, addition of extras to the project can move its completion date.

However, there are ways of speeding up a construction project without compromising quality. Here are tips to help you speed up your construction project without sacrificing quality of the build.

Don’t Delay Decision Making

Delayed decisions can delay the construction project. Therefore, be efficient in making decisions and motivating your team. Delayed decisions are generally expensive and their repercussions can be long-term. To avoid delayed decisions, have a log book for the project and talk to your team about the project timeline.


Your construction project will have several strands run concurrently. Have an eye on them to ensure that no aspect of your project stops running. Keep in touch with your project team and always review the paperwork to stay updated.

Maintain Communication

If you lose track of what your construction team is doing, your project can be delayed. Therefore, make sure that you are updated on what’s happening and that your team is updated on what needs to be done. Additionally, give your construction team feedback on what they have done while updating them on what should be accomplished in every phase of the project.

Delegate Duties

Effective delegation of duties disperses the tasks that a single person is responsible for. It also instills a sense of responsibility and trust in the team. Therefore, delegate duties to show your construction team that you trust its experience and competence. That way, you will get the most from your team and speed up the construction process.

Track and Communicate Changes

Changes are bound to occur during the construction process. That’s because each project has variables like materials and time. It’s however important that you track changes and convey the information to your team. This ensures that your team is updated on what to do to adjust to these changes and ensure that your project is not brought to a halt.

Follow these tips to ensure that your construction project is always on track and that it’s completed faster.